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Junes is a Swiss Singer, Songwriter and Producer.

Junes was a child of intense emotions. Since the singer can remember, he has been making music – and since he started making music, he has set to music everything his soul has to offer. 


Whether it's classical piano or epic pop ballads, Junes knew early on what makes his heart beat. At the same time, he intuitively allowed his curiosity to roam freely: vocal lessons were followed by a journey into jazz and collaborations with various producers – and finally, a return to the essentials: his voice, both hands on the piano keys. The Zurich native realized: he has everything he needs. 


Armed with all these experiences and inspired by all his experiments, Junes' first EP "Good Thing" will materialize in the spring of 2024. Carried by his piano, Junes draws, arranges, and produces four songs from his innermost self – and discovers the grand melodies in the smallest moments.

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