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"Easier For You" is Junes' debut single and the part of his forthcoming EP "good thing" that is set to be released spring 2024.

"He describes his song "Easier for You" as a reflection of his personal perspective on a friend's breakup. It weaves together observations of his friend during that turbulent time with his own unique interpretation. The song delves into the universal tendency to overanalyze situations and contemplate the alternative outcomes that might have arisen from different choices.


Although Junes did not draw directly from his own experiences in crafting this song, he aimed to establish a deep emotional connection with it. Remarkably, "Easier for You" resonates just as powerfully with platonic friendships and the myriad actions and subtle cues that foreshadow the conclusion of any meaningful relationship." 

The upcoming EP „Good Thing" will be out in early 2024 and captivates the listener with their breathtaking drama. There's an authentic and genuine quality to Junes' music, devoid of artificial embellishments or gimmicks. Instead, it delivers an all-encompassing, at times overwhelming, intensity that mirrors the depths of the human inner world when explored courageously.

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